Monday, July 19, 2010


Task I. Observe the statements below.
a. Cows are mammal and buffaloes are too.
b. I like orchids and my sister does too.
c. Buffaloes eat grass and so do cows.
d. We have visited Dieng and so has Mr. John.
e. Orchids cannot grow in any soil and Edelweiss cannot either.
f. You haven't been to Ujung Kulon and neither have I

Task 2. Now read the summary
- Underlined parts are called elliptic statement.
- There are two kinds of elliptical statements.
- Positive elliptical statements for a to d
- Negative elliptical statements for e and f
For Positive we can use :
- too ----> in : Statement + And + Subject + Aux + Too
- so -----> in : Statement + And + so + Aux + subject
For Negative we can use :
- either -----> in : Statement + And + Subject + Aux + not + either
- neither ----> in: Statement + And + Neither + Aux + Subject

Task 3. Based on the summary. Do the exercise use too, so or either, neither.
1. A Rose is beautiful. A lily is beautiful.
2. Dee can run fast. Cheetah can run fast.
3. I don't study Biology. He doesn't study Biology.
4. Mother hasn't seen Arnoldi. You haven't seen Arnoldy.
5. They will have a camping. The boys will have a camping.
6. Linda has funny cat. Robby has a funny cat.
7. Birds cannot live in the water. Dogs cannot live in the water.
8. Elephants aren't small. Rhinoceros aren't small.


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