Monday, July 19, 2010


There are four seasons in Europe.They are spring, summer, autumn or fall and winter. Each season lasts for about three months. Spring lasts from March until May. Summer begins around June and ends around August. Autumn is from September until November and Winter is from December until February. Of course we cannot fix the exact date and day when each season begins.

If you happen to stay in London for instance, you will be able to fell and see the difference among them.

It seems funny to see that it rains a lot of in summer. The temperature is around 21oC at the day time, but for the people there, it is hot enough. Lost of people go to beach to swim or just have too sun bathing. Summer is also the harvest time.

The opposite is winter. Don't try to wear thin clothes there, or you will be chilly cold. The temperature often drops to several degrees below zero. If you are lucky you may see snows every where.

You will see everything green in spring. The trees are full of leaves and the flowers are blooming everywhere. People often tahe a walk in the park to have fresh air. Well, everything is beautiful is spring.

Autumn is marked with falling leaves and strong winds. Bare trees everywhere and everything is dull. The temperature begins to drop because it is close to the winter time.


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