Sunday, June 6, 2010

Never Compromise with Black Politicians

     This is indeed a period of "garbage" a time when the nation's badness has surfaced. However, we cannot imagine how this could get any worse than it is now.

     One scandal occurs and another follows, either by the same or different actors. Bank robberies occur frequently, making us aware how poor our bank security is. Meanwhile, the law seems to be only display.

     Politicians only think in the short term. They are only full of energy when they talk about power, particularly when it is their own.

     It is also true that man / candidates for the provincial Legislative Bodies have falsified their lists of supporters and their academic degrees.
     We can never retreat from the war against "black" politicans and would-be "Black" politicians.

     Former Czed president Vaclac Havel, who has a good image among his people, showed that politics is the will to make people happy.

     Therefore, if we want this nation to awaken, we must say firmly that there will be no compromise with politicians who build their careers on cheating.


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