Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Study the dialogue carefully

Tono :This is a very nice place. And I'm very fond of flower. Do you come here often?
Wati :Quite often. We enjoy spending the week - ends here moreever we like gardening very much.
Tono :How about jogging around this park?
Wati :Sorry. I'm not particulary fond of jogging.

Task 2. There are some ways to express pleasure or like they are:

- like- be - keen on
- enjoy- be - very fond of
- be - interested in- be - crazy about, etc

To show displeasure or dislike, we can use:

- Don't like- especially dislike
- really hate- be - not very keen on
- can't stand- be - not particulary fond of, etc

Task 3. Give your own idea (pleasure or dispeasure) to:

1. hot food7. long hair boy
2. sport8. phylately
3. country music9. mango
4. durian10. orchestra
5. singing11.mini skirt
6. watching TV12. jeans trouser


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