Sunday, June 20, 2010


Eman:How is the weather?
Indah:It's very hot. The sun is shining brightly.
Eman:Yes, Though if rained last night.
Indah:Let's go out to see beautiful flowers.
Eman:Look, There are a lot of butterflies. Ah, how beautiful they are. We cannot see them in the city.
Indah:There is a valley over there with its river, hills and green meadows. Well, I hope it is not going to rain tonight.
Eman:Do you want to go out tonight?
Indah:No, I just want to see the moonlight and the stars in the sky.
Eman:There is a forest over there like a green carpet
Indah:Yes, it's really a wonderful country with its natural resources.
Eman:We are lucky to live in Indonesia.


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