Monday, June 21, 2010


Study these dialogue.

1. The teacher  : Budi, please give this letter to Mr. David, maths teacher in Staff Office.
    Budi            : What is Mr. David like, Mam?
    The teacher  : He is tall,may be the tallest man there.

2. Nancy  : Do you like pear?
    Vanda  : No, I don't like
    Nancy  : How about grapes?
    Vanda  : I don't like, either.
    Nancy  : Whay do you like?
    Vnada  : I like orange and apple

Study these patterns.
- What is Mr. David like?    - He is tall
- What do you like?           - I like orange and apple

   What + To be       + Noun/Pronoun   + Like?
   What + Auxiliary   + Noun/Pronoun   + Like?


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