Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Task 1. Examine teh statement below.
  1. Your cactus will die. You give too much water to it.
  2. Javanese tigers are rare. Too many of them were hunted.
  3. I can't eat this soup, it is too hot.
Task 2.

Too + Adjective is to express quality of things.
Too + Adjective has negative sense that someting we talk are not so good or else.

Task 3. Choose the correct quality.
  1. You must turn down the radio it is (too loud, too high).
  2. The soup isn't good in taste. It's very salty. I must have put (too many, too much) salt in it.
  3. The girl is black out. She is (too thin, too weak) to have hiking activity.
  4. Although I am very hungry, I won't go to this restaurant. There are (too many, too few) people there.
  5. The Indonesia temperature is (too hot, too fresh) for Mr. Smith as he is a European.
  6. Cheetah runs (too speed, too fast) to follow by our camera.
  7. Only few students can do the test correctly. It's is (too simple, too difficult).
  8. Rhinos move slowly in the muddy water. Their bodies are (too big, too fat) to move quickly.


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