Saturday, June 19, 2010


     Mr. Bakri is manager of a factory. he is very busy, but he still spends some of his time for music. He likes music ver much, although he can't play it. He can't work well without listening to music. He has a tape recorder in his room. He has many cassettes, he can listen to music any time.

     Last Sunday he saw a musical show with his son who also likes music. They went to Taman Ismail Marzuki by car. They left at seven o'clock and came at half past seven. There were many people who wanted to see the show because the ticket was cheaper than before. Mr. Bakri and his son got the tickets easily because people stood in line.

     The show began at eight o'clock. The first performance was Bosmiq Band. It had four musicians Jojo and Aan played the guitars. Adit was the drummer and Widya played the organ. They sang 'Angan' at first and the second song was "Dust in the Wind". They played very well. The next was Amuba Band. It performed  two country songs. The audience enjoyed the show very much. It ended at eleven o'clock.


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