Monday, June 21, 2010


Task I Pay attention to the dialogue below!

Hasan   : My flowers do not grow well. What do you thing, Amin?
Amin     : Do you water them every day?
Hasan   : Yes, I water them every morning and afternoon.
Amin     : What's about fertilizer?
Hasan   : I don't use it.
Amin     : It's possible that the plants are lack of fertilizer.

Task II Answer the questions

- Who are in the dialogue?
- What happened with Hasan's flowers?
- What is Amin's conclussion?

To express possibility, we can use :
- It's possible ....
- May be ....
- Perharps ....
- I think ....

And to express impossibility, we can use :
- It's impossible ....
- I don't think ....

Task III Give possibility and impossibility for the conditions below. Number one is done for example.

1. There are not many people in the Safari Park.
    (P)  : May be it is closed.
    (I)    : It's impossible it gives interesting attractions.

2. My mother likes gardening very much.
    (P)  :
    (I)    :

3. Edelweiss can grow just on the top of mountain.
    (P)   :
    (I)    :


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