Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Let is usually added to the list of causatives in grammar textbooks. It is not actually causative. It means allow or permit. Notice the difference in grammar.

subject + let + complement + [verb in simple form] ...

subject + {permit / allow} + complement + [verb in simple form] ...

Note : Let is not interchangeable with leave, which means to go away.

Examples :

John let his daugter swim with her friends.
(John allowed his daugther to swim with her friends.)
(John permitted his daughter to swim with her friends.)
The teacher let the students leave class early.
The policeman let the suspect make one phone call.
Dr. Jones is letting the students hand in the papers on Monday.
Mrs. Binion let her son spend the night with a friend.
We are going to let her write the letter.
Mr. Brown always lets his children watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.


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